Construction Management:
Construction Management option, which allows Y&P Development Group to manage your project from concept to completion, is typically provided for our clients who require a Cost/Plus solution to their construction needs. This transparent, open book solution allows Y&P to be involved and to participate in the early stages of the design development.

This option also results in accurately determining progressive costs, value engineering, and allowing Y&P to better manage the construction budget throughout the entire design and construction process due to cost effective solutions for building, installation, finishing, construction.

Complete General Construction Services:

Our general construction services picks up where our preconstruction management leaves off, by centralizing and collaborating with everyone related to your commercial construction project. Because of this, our complete general construction services involve working hands-on with each client, project architects and all necessary subcontractors. Features of Y&P Group Construction’s complete general construction services include:
Experienced team organization and communication including regular coordination meetings and status briefings
Schedule monitoring to ensure your project stays on target including inspections and permit processes
Advanced management systems and training, including our newly refined Project Management Database
Y&P Group Construction services provide every team member with continual support from staff experts in the areas of safety, quality control, equipment and yard support for tools and vehicles, accounting, and insurance. Our services also provide active, hands-on executive guidance for all project management interpretations and field support questions. Please click on the boxes below to learn more about how we approach and execute our complete general construction services….

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