Y&P Development Group architects provide accurate and cost effective project drafting, designing and drawing services. Our draftsmen are well expertise in AutoCAD drafting as per the international standards and layers.
Our expertise in 2D Cad drafting, Architectural cad services, Engineering cad services, Structural cad drafting, Cad conversion, Paper to cad, 3d Cad services defines as most cost effective and accurate cad drafting service in engineering industries. Our professional team has deep knowledge and vast experience in case of providing cad services in Cambodia as well as in abroad. We provide full range of cad drafting, designing and 3D modeling services. Using AutoCAD drawing you can generate computerize construction drawings. You can easily manage your cad drawing by CAD document management.

Architectural Services:
We are Y&P Development Group.
We create an architecture that seeks to elevate the human experience through insight, collaboration, and design integrity.
We bring meaningful solutions to urban life, creating modern structures of clarity, beauty, and rigor, delivering a real and positive impact on people’s lives. As Y&P Group, we believe that true innovation is not only in form, but in method. So, we listen. To clients, to each other, and to the individuals that live and work in our buildings. We like to start conversations, to educate and encourage debate, ensuring every voice is heard, and this insight informs our process, it is embedded into our designs, and realized in our structures.

We create an architecture that listens.

Privacy Policy
We have updated our policies to include new requirements as to how we process your personal data. We embrace these changes, and our policy updates reflect the improved transparency this law requires.

Good design is by definition sustainable, and Y&P understands the benefits that can be obtained from the integration of environmental, social and economic concerns into the evolution of the design of our built environment.

Quality Policy
Y&P is committed to demonstrating to its clients, the profession and a wider society, that buildings can make a difference; through its unique and holistic approach to architecture. We aim to put people at the center of our designs. We develop our own people at all organisational levels in order to make decisions that will achieve this.

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